Lesson 1: Welcome

Welcome to the Alma Digital Training Course!

What is Alma?

Alma is an evidence-based peer mentoring program created with and for new parents who are experiencing depression, anxiety, and stress. Developed by a collaborative team of researchers, mental health providers, community members, and parents, Alma gives new and expectant parents the support and skills they need to navigate this new chapter in their life.

Parents Helping Parents

Alma peer mentors provide valuable support to new and expectant parents
Peer mentors can become an important source of connection for new and expectant moms who may feel alone or overwhelmed with the challenges of being pregnant or caring for a baby or young child. Through
this connection, peer mentors share the skills of the Alma program.


Alma skills are based on an evidence-based psychotherapy for depression called Behavioral Activation, or BA for short
These skills are designed to help new and expectant moms engage more with activities that bring a sense of accomplishment, connection or enjoyment and to engage less with activities that fuel depression. These skills also empower new and expectant moms to solve problems, making their lives more rewarding and less stressful.

Alma in Action

 The heart of the Alma program are the peer mentors — parents who have faced these challenges in their own lives. Watch the videos below to hear from Alma peer mentors.


How is Alma delivered?

Phase 1 – Getting Started & Learning TogetherAlma begins with the peer mentor and mentee developing a positive mentoring relationship as well as learning together about the mentee’s experience of depression.

Phase 2 – Getting Active & Solving ProblemsIn the second phase of Alma, peer mentors share skills that new and expectant parents may use to engage in mood-enhancing activities and solve problems that may be holding them back from feeling better.

Phase 3 – Ending WellThe focus of this phase is on how new and expectant parents may continue using the skills of the Alma program after the end of the final mentoring meeting.
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Steps for Learning Alma

You will learn how to become an Alma peer mentor by completing the activities in this digital course and participating in meetings with other peer mentors, peer trainers, and Alma experts. Review the training steps below to see how your training is planned.

Use the digital course on your own

  • Work through the digital course at your own pace
  • Watch the videos and complete the interactive elements as many times as you want

Discuss digital course material with your training team

  • Meet with other peer mentors, peer trainers, and Alma experts to discuss the material in this digital course
  • Pair with an Alma “training buddy” to practice skills you will learn in this digital course

Preview the Alma mentoring manual

  • After completing the “Alma in Your Own Life” portion of the digital training, you will receive an Alma mentoring manual
  • The manual outlines step-by-step instructions for each Alma meeting

Complete the Alma peer mentor certification process

  • Bring all your learning together in a role play of 3 Alma meetings with a member of the Alma research team
  • Review feedback with peer trainers and Alma experts
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