Lesson 15 Homework


To strengthen your skill of mentoring with the skills of Summarizing and Preparing for Future Challenges, this week we invite you to practice sharing these skills with your practice partner.



Encourage your practice partner to summarize their learning of each of the Alma skills using the Alma On Your Own Worksheet .

Encourage your practice partner to summarize the u201cupu201d activities they will do more and the u201cdownu201d activities they will do less of to support her mood.

Help your practice partner prepare for future challenges:

Work together on planning some ways that a mentee might remind herself of the skills sheu2019s learned even when sheu2019s no longer working with a mentor.

Review warning signs of downward spirals.

Remind your practice partner that she has the tools she needs to deal with struggles in the future.

Complete the reflection below after you finish the Homework.


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