Lesson 7 Homework


You have practiced and watched COPE and communication skills in action. You can apply these skills in your own life between now and your next training session. The goal is to u201clearn by doingu201d so you can develop your problem-solving and communication skills so that you can better understand what it will be like for the mentees you mentor.

Instructions: Choose one problem to solve and one conversation to have using the Alma COPE and communication skills.

Use the COPE worksheet for the first part of your homework.

Using all four steps, go through the process of clarifying the problem, brainstorming possible options, choosing one to perform or put into action (remember it doesnu2019t have to be perfect!), and then evaluate the outcome.

Write your observations of what it was like to use the COPE method and what problems you might encounter if you were just learning this method as an Alma mentee.

Now, think of a conversation you could have with someone in your life that could be focused on u201casking for helpu201d or u201csaying nou201d. This could be a real problem, but you could also practice with a made-up problem.

Using this worksheet , go through all the steps of talking through a situation that involves asking for help or saying no.

Ask the person you were talking with to tell you how they think the practice went.

Write down your observations of what it was like to use the Alma communication skills method and what problems Alma mentees might encounter using the same method.

Remember that all of these skills take practice. Itu2019s okay if it doesnu2019t go smoothly at first, or if you need to go back to the beginning of the COPE steps to solve a problem, or if you need to restart a conversation with someone in your life. Everything you learn from your own experience will be valuable in your training as an Alma peer mentor!

Complete the reflection below after you finish the Homework.


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