Lesson 6 Homework


You just practiced selecting, structuring, and scheduling. Between now and your next training session, you are invited to do the activity youu2019ve selected, structured, and scheduled. The goal of this homework is to help you build your skills of Getting Active and encounter common challenges and questions that arise while Getting Active.

Instructions: Practice getting active in your own life

What: Select an activity to perform. It is helpful to focus on activities that you have been avoiding, or that are causing you stress, and that have the potential to bring you a sense of accomplishment, connection or enjoyment. Think also about activities that used to be part of your life but have fallen away. In any case, start with something do-able.

How: Structure the activity into multiple achievable steps to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Make sure that each step is clear, concrete, and observable. The skill of structuring will help you teach your mentee this skill as well.

When: Schedule the activity by making a specific plan for when, where, and for how long you will do the activity. Then, do it! It is helpful to think beforehand about things that might get in the way of performing the activity and develop a plan for how to overcome those barriers.

Complete the reflection below after you finish the Homework.


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