Lesson 5 Homework


You just practiced identifying patterns from your tracking. Between now and your next training session, continue tracking for a few more days to build your strength in identifying links and patterns.

Instructions: Continue to identify patterns in your own life.

Track for 1-3 days

After completing tracking, identify connections between activities and mood, as well as any missing activities or activities that you do less often

  • Notice activities that provide a sense of accomplishment, connection, or enjoyment
  • Notice activities that bring your mood down

You identified values that are important to you and found activities that put you in touch with your values.


Instructions: Complete one of the value-based activities that you identified

Choose one of the value-based activities that you identified

Complete this value-based activity

Record this activity and your mood on your tracking form

After completing tracking, explore what you have recorded to identify other times when you completed activities that are in line with your values

Complete the reflection below after you finish the Homework.


Reflections will appear here

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