Lesson 10 Homework


To strengthen your skill of mentoring with the Mapping and Circles of Connection skills, this week we invite you to practice these activities.


Ask a practice partner to think of a time that she was struggling with feeling down, depressed or anxious.

Use the peer mentor manual as your guide along with the Mapping and Circles of Connection worksheets.

Focus on the following elements of Mapping:

  • Inviting your menteeu2019s story
  • Transitioning to mapping
  • Asking about each of the circles
  • Explaining the first downward spiral
  • Explaining the second downward spiral
  • Highlighting that it all makes sense
  • Asking open-ended questions and for your mentee to summarize
  • Talking about how Alma mentoring can help

Focus on the following elements of Circles of Connection:

  • Inviting your menteeu2019s story
  • Explaining the circles
  • Mapping the people in your menteeu2019s life
  • Identifying a support person for your menteeu2019s work in the Alma program

Complete the reflection below after you finish the Homework.


Reflections will appear here

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