Homework: Alma Mapping In Your Own Life

We invite you to strengthen your skill of mapping by using the Alma map to make sense of specific challenges you have encountered in the past or that are current in your own life. These can be big challenges, like coping with a conflict with someone you care about, or they can be smaller challenges, like finding that an item you purchased from the store is damaged or defective. Also, it is ok if it is a one-time challenge, like a friend cancelling at the last minute, or one that is likely to stick around for a while, like being on the second tough week of your baby’s teething. We include these examples just as food for thought. It’s important to focus on a challenge that will help you get more familiar with the parts of the map and how they fit together.

Instructions: Complete a map, using either the PDF or the web map  for one specific challenge or difficulty in your life:




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