Lesson 4 Homework


You just practiced doing a few hours of tracking. Now we invite you to track for a few days between now and your next training session. The goal is to u201clearn by doingu201d so you can develop your tracking skills and better understand what it will be like for the mentees you mentor.

Instructions: Complete 1-3 days of tracking.

Use this worksheet:

Use the mood ladder and anchors you created in this training session.

Make a plan for when and how often you will record activities and moods for three days of tracking.

Remember that tracking takes practice. Itu2019s okay if it doesnu2019t go smoothly at first, or if you forget to do tracking at a time you planned. Just start again as soon as you remember. Everything you learn from your own experience will be valuable in your training as an Alma peer mentor!

Complete the reflection below after you finish the Homework.


Reflections will appear here

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